Owner Kevin J. Brown has 30 years of experience in garden artistry with a diverse use of plant materials.

Based out of scenic Wilson, New York, Walnut Creek Property Beautification is proud to travel throughout Niagara and Erie County to Design, Plant, Install and Landscape your property into an oasis.

Kevin is a New York State Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional (see below for further information) and a New York State Certified Pesticide Applicator (category 3A Ornamentals and Turf)



Q. What is the Certified Nursery Landscape Professional Program?
A. The Certified Nursery Landscape Professional (CNLP) program is an on-going educational program designed to increase the skills of garden center and landscape employees throughout New York. The Program is administered by the New York State Nursery/Landscape Association. Visit www.nysnla.com for more information.
Q. What is the purpose of the CNLP Program?
A. To constantly train and upgrade the professional skills of those persons that help consumers in garden centers or landscape firms. To reach the distinction of Certified Nursery Landscape Professional, an applicant must have had extensive on-the-job experience and then must pass a rigorous written examination that can only be passed with hard study and training.
Q. What does this mean to me when I visit the garden center or consult a landscape firm?
A. It means that when you consult with a CNLP you’re asking advice and getting help from a true professional. The CNLP has undergone a complete training course and has made the commitment to become one of the “professional elite” within the industry. The CNLP isn’t a person who may have worked in the cosmetics section of the store last week and got moved to the garden section this week. You can be confident that the CNLP is there to help you with your specialized skills that can make your yard and garden a true pleasure.